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Typical Industry Uses:

  • Industrial Motors
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Power Generation and distribution
  • Mining
  • Petrochemical

Cold Flexible Splittings Plate

We specialize in the manufacture of simple and complex Mica parts, and have a design and engineering team capable of supporting product development, change and fulfillment. Our production capabilities are further elevated by proprietary and internally developed equipment that push fabrication options beyond the scope of other fabricated mica parts manufacturers. Building our Mica Splitting products in-house at our Virginia Facility gives us a significant advantage in controlling the quality of the product, review process with the clients and then allows very low lead times.

Cold flexible mica splittings plate produced to NEMA 6 and NEMA 86 standards. NEMA 6 is bonded with Polyester resin and NEMA 86 with a Silicone resin. Applications include dry type transformer phase insulation, coil wrappers and slot liners. Sheet size of 36" x 36" or 18" x 36" or in strips. Thickness tolerances of +/- .003" average, + .008"/-.005" individual for thickness range of .010" - .020". Thickness tolerance of +/- .005" average, and +.010"/-.008" individual for thickness range of .020" - .060". 

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Mica Spec Sheets

Product #Recommended Uses & CharacteristicsGradeTemp Class FahrenheitTemp Class CelsiusBinder TypeBinder Content % of WeightThickness RangeStandard Thickness TolerancesShort Interval Dielectric Strength Volts/Mil AvgStandard Sheet Size
286This Heater Plate is made with a minimum of binder to leverage the thermal qualities of mica. Hard and dense this Mica plate can easily be fabricated to serve as a support for heating elements. Typical uses are Strip and band heaters, Coffee, popcorn and toaster heaters. As well as use in induction furnaces. Our Flexible Mica Splitting plate can be cold molded easily into myriad shapes. Excellent moisture and heat resistance, with strong dielectric strength. Typical uses are - Armature end-end turn insulation in Motors & Generators, Slot liners, Field coil insulation & Insulating collars. Other uses include - Magnet & Commutator cores insulation, Transformer coil insulation, as well as insulating channels & rings. 3 variations: Product # 391, 384, and 386/387 seen below.7390+200+Silicone5-8%unmilled mica .003 avg.55036"x36"
391Typically used for Slot liners & coil wrappers, Phase insulation and Coil Separators.6310155Expoxy10-15%.010 - .015"0.00350036"x36"
384Typically used for Slot liners, Coil wrappers & Coil separators - plus as Trasnformer phase and layer insulation6310155Epoxy10-15%.015 - .062"0.00540036"x36"
386/ 387Same uses as 391/ and 384 - but maufactured with Silicone for higher thermal resistance86390200+Silicone10-15%.010 - .019"0.00350036"x36"
87390200+10-15%.020 - .0625"0.00540036"x36"
252An expoxy based Rigid plate with outstanding thermal , dielectric and mechanical properties. Available with a Type 410 or 411 Nomex facing and backing as well. Typically used in lifting magnets but also available in sheets, disc or washer. to spec5310155Epoxy15-18%.030 - .5000.00740036"x36"

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