Announcing as of May 1, 2014 Asheville-Schoonmaker Mica Co. and Reliance Mica have entered into a joint venture to bring a combined 150 plus years of experience to our customers. Requests and orders sent to Reliance Mica will be managed at our headquarters in Newport News, VA.

Contact us at 757-244-7311

Welcome to Asheville-Schoonmaker Mica Co.

Asheville-Schoonmaker has over 100 years serving the electrical and electronic market with quality mica insulation and the most knowledgeable and dedicated staff in the industry.

We carry a large inventory of silicone bonded mica plate from .006" to 2.00" thick and domestically manufacture mica sheet from mica splittings, mica paper and mica based composites to NEMA standards.

We offer fabrication of mica plate to customer drawings plus mica paper washers and mica paper tubes.

We carry natural mica for wood stove windows and also available is natural mica in raw block plus fabrication of natural mica to meet ASTM D-351 and HHI-536 standards.

In addition, Asheville-Schoonmaker Mica Co. has the most complete line of decorative mica sheets, including ‘amber and silver’, in the industry.  All decorative mica sheets are made in the USA.

New to our product line is the ability to offer completed parts from a variety of ceramic materials.

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Decorative Showcase

Natural Mica

natural mica

From windows in wood stoves to modern electronic technology, Muscovite mica is an indispensable resource. Its high resistance to the passage of electricity and heat has not been matched by any man-made materials. 

Mica is known world wide for its high temperature, electrical, mechanical and optical properties.