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Mica Insulators for Power Generation & Distribution

Asheville Mica Company provides Mica insulators for power generation and distribution, as well as for a variety of applications that need electrical and heat-resistant characteristics.

Our thermal products can withstand continuous temperatures of between 200 and 900 degrees Celsius and peak temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees Celsius under different environmental conditions and pressures. Mica-based insulation laminates, washers, and shims provide strength and thermal resistance. They also offer outstanding fire-resistant and flame-retardant qualities, as well as thermal shock and chemical resistance. 

When you need reliable manufactured mica parts, Asheville Mica Company is here to help. Our industry-leading fabrication capabilities consistently produce quality products within budget and with low lead times.

Power Generation Use Cases Include:

  • Heating Elements
  • Spacers
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  • Wire Wound Resistors
  • Washers for Load Bank Resistors
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  • Edge Wound Resistors
  • Braking Resistors



Ceramics for Power Generation

We are a leading source of precision ceramic components and advanced ceramic materials for demanding applications.

A ceramic is an inorganic solid made up of either metal or non-metal compounds shaped and hardened by heating to high temperatures. Advanced ceramics are not generally clay-based. Instead, they are either built on oxides or non-oxides, or combinations of the two. Common material types are:

  • Oxides are alumina, or Al2O3, and zirconia, or ZrO2
  • Non-oxides are often carbides, borides, nitrides and silicides 

These product result in lightweight, high-performing materials. Common characteristics of ceramics include: 

  • High melting point
  • Superior hardness and strength 
  • Low thermal conductivity 
  • Long-lasting
  • Hard-wearing
  • Low electrical conductivity 
  • High chemical inertness 

We specialize in the manufacture and sourcing of high-purity, fine-grained ceramic products. These parts are perfect for applications that demand protection against corrosive environments, high temperatures, and contamination. And we can quickly turnaround precision manufactured ceramic components at an affordable price point. 

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