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Mica for Drilling

Mica flakes for drilling has played a large role in many facets of the oil and gas production industry. Ground Muscovite Mica is used often as a lubricant and sealer to fill the porous areas of drill hole walls. Ground muscovite mica is used extensively on machinery and motors that drive the Oil and Gas industry.

Thanks to the outstanding properties of the ground muscovite mica mineral, Mica thermal and electrical solutions are able to withstand continuous temperatures of between 200°C and 900°C and peak temperatures of up to 1200°C under different environmental conditions and pressures.

It is widely used across the production process, in a wide range of components including DC traction motors, generators, alternators, armatures and field coils. We supply many of the crucial parts and repair kits for rebuilding the many types of engines and motors that drive the industry

Use Cases

  • Mica thermal wrap
  • Mica washers and spacers provide thermal and electrical insulation
  • Mica Commutator segments
  • Ceramic winding cores
  • Ceramic Stand-Offs and Insulators
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Our ceramics are found in many braking resistor designs, and are perfectly matched for your specification and the Brake Module characteristics, providing the maximum torque needed for energy dissipation from the braking cycles encountered in Top Drive, Draw Works and Pump Jack applications. 

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