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Rigid Mica Paper Plate

NEMA 8P is a rigid mica paper plate. It is available with Muscovite mica or in Phlogopite mica. Primary difference is Muscovite has a continuous operating temperature of 600°C / 1110F and Phlogopite 800°C / 1470 F.

Product code HP5 is for Muscovite Sheets and HP5J for Phlogopite Mica Sheets. Available in standard sheets of 1000mm x 1200mm (39.37" x 47. 24") sheets up to 1000mm x 2400mm (39.37" x 94.48") can be special ordered. This material is excellent insulation for strip heaters, band heaters, and heating elements. Other uses are washers, terminal insulation and other applications that require high temperature insulation. Plate can be die punched, sheared or machined with CNC. This material also lends itself to laser and water jet cutting. Rigid mica sheets products offered as sheets, strips or we can fabricate parts with customer supplied drawing.   We can supply thicknesses up to 5" easily with thicker possible on demand.

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NEMA 86P is cold flexible silicone bonded mica paper plate. Also available with Muscovite or Phlogopite mica. Our product code HP5FLEX for Muscovite and HP5J FLEX for Phlogopite. Standard sheets of 1000mm x 1200mm (39.37" x 47.24"). Sheets up to 1000mm x 2400mm (39.37" x 94.48") can be special ordered. Typical applications include nozzle liners for heaters, transformers and industrial furnaces. HP5J is our high temperature product for gasket or sealing applications up to 1000°C /1830F. Gaskets made of this product are used in exhaust manifolds, fuel cells, refineries and petrochemical industry.

NEMA 2P is hot moldable mica paper plate bonded with epoxy resin. Sheet size of 30.7" x 38.6". Material is moldable with the application of heat. It takes the required form when molded under pressure. Material will retain form once cooled. Applications include channels for transformer coils.

NEMA 3P is a rigid epoxy bonded sheet generally referred to as segment plate. Sheet size is usually 600mm x 1200mm (23.62" x 37.39") but can be special ordered as 1000mm x 1200mm (39.37" x 47.24"). Plate has tight thickness tolerance of +/- .001" individual, +/- .002" average. This material is generally used to punched or fabricated segments for DC motors as well as can be used as spacers, washers or terminal insulation. 

Please contact our sales team to discuss your technical needs, pricing and any questions you might have. 

Typical industry uses include: 

  • Solar 
  • Wind powered
  • Oil and gas production and support machinery
  • Automotive
  • Elect. /hybrid vehicles
  • Marine
  • Farm and heavy machinery
  • Rail 
  • Household appliances
  • Metal casting
  • Aviation/Aerospace/Defense
  • Mining
  • Medical 
  • Petrochemical 
  • Heater manufacturers
  • Transformer
  • Power generation and distribution

Mica Spec Sheets

TypeDescriptionBondTemp ClassAvailable
NEMA 8PRigid Mica PaperSilicone220° CSheets 39.37" x 47.24". Thickness from .010" up to 4"
NEMA 86PCold Flexible Mica Paper PlateSilicone220° CSheets 39.37" x 47.24". Thickness from .010" to .060"
NEMA 2PHot Moldable Mica PaperEpoxyClass F 155° CSheets 30.7" x 38.6". Thickness .010" to .060"
NEMA 3PRigid Mica Paper Segment PlateEpoxyClass F 155° CSheets 23.62" x 39.37". Thickness .020" to .060"

Paper Mica Washers

Asheville Mica Company's paper mica washers and shims deliver advantages that include superior electrical and thermal properties. They are also a thinner option as compare to Built-Up Mica Washers. They feature heat and corrosion resistance. When used as spacers, voltage mica insulating washers serve as reliable insulators and are ideal in electrical, processing, and industrial applications. 


Paper Mica Washer Inventory

Please reference the table below for the part number, outer diameter, inner diameter, and thickness for each of our available paper mica washers. 


Part Number Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Thickness
523-33-3-1 .250" .147" .030"
FM-1B1-1 .375" .203" .060"
WASH-604 .500" .250" .020"
FM-124-10 .625" .195" .060"
WASH-616 .750" .203" .060"
FM-124-2 1.00" .375" .030"
2276 1.50" .515" .030"


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