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Mica Sheets for the Medical Industry

Freshly cleaved muscovite mica surfaces have an outstanding even surface, are optically flat, clear, transparent, scratchless, and free from fingerprints. There are very useful for electron microscopy for the production of carbon support films, particle imaging, cell growing and thin film coating research. Muscovite mica sheets for the medical industry are also suitable as substrates for high-resolution atomic force microscopy studies such as DNA, DNA-protein.

Split and cleaved medical mica is also widely used by Medical researchers who are using mica for the making of carbon support films, thin-film coatings research, and some AFM studies where HOPG are used to taking place.

ASTM D-351 describes grading standards for mica.

Use Cases of Mica Sheets for the Medical Industry Include:

  • Medical slides
  • Diaphragms for oxygen-breathing equipment 
  • Retardation plates in helium-neon lasers 
  • Medical electronics
  • Radiation detector windows
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