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Decorative Mica Products

Asheville Mica Company a decorative mica manufacturer, enjoys a legacy of over 100 years of providing clients the highest quality Mica lampshade products – all made domestically at our Newport News,VA facility on our in-house machinery. We stock over 40 tons of Mica splittings that serve as the base of the product, and then carefully source our Shellacs and Resins to ensure the highest quality end product. Asheville Mica Company's lampshade mica is manufactured by combining mica flakes with organic shellac and other binders. The combination is put under high heat and pressure for an extended time, then sanded to ensure even thickness.  The surface texture can be fine-tuned with various choices of the sanding paper used on the large industrial roller sanders. This process creates sheets with unique, striking colors that are a result of natural mineral deposit variations.


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High-End Decorative Mica for Interior Design

Natural Mica is known for its warmth and character when light passes through it. It is a hallmark of the Victorian period and Arts & Crafts Movement, with many top designers such as Tiffany, Stickley, and Dick Van Erp incorporating mica into their designs. As a source of light diffusion, Mica is without equal when paired with CFL and LED light bulbs. Its light-diffusing characteristics naturally subdue the harsh light these new bulbs sometimes create. We are an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of Mica-based products for artisans, decorators, and interior design suppliers with many using our exclusive “stained mica”, prized for
its uniqueness and variation of color.

Lampshade mica from Asheville Mica Company is easily shaped by evenly heating for less than 60 seconds. Then gently molding the mica over a cast or form. Once cooled, the mica sheet for arts & crafts recovers its firmness while maintaining the desired shape. The material is also easily cut with heavy sheers, a band saw, or scroll saw.

Asheville Mica Company stocks 14 variations of colors and thickness, and we often custom shear to-spec for unique uses like privacy barrier, acoustic or ceiling tiles, and other more architectural uses. Having our own production facility allows us to customize easily and quickly. We offer a lampshade mica sample kit, which allows our customers to test and choose the right option for their project and vision.

Whether you’re an artisan designing custom lampshades for a single customer or a production facility making thousands of light shades for retailers across the globe, Asheville Mica Company is your source for high-quality lampshade mica.

Lampshade Mica

Lampshade mica from Asheville Mica Company a decorative mica manufacturer, is easily shaped by evenly heating for a couple of minutes. Then gently mold the mica over a cast or form. Once cooled, the mica sheet recovers its firmness while maintaining the desired shape. The material is also easily cut with heavy sheers, a band saw, or scroll saw.




Working with Mica Material

Our decorative mica sheet for arts & crafts are easily cut, formed, and molded with heat. Watch our video below for an in-depth tutorial about how to mold decorative mica sheets using a conventional oven and simple molds. Once molded or cut to your preference, this high-quality product fits perfectly into your precise custom need, making the decorative mica product you imagined a reality.


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Decorative Mica Sample Kits

Our Sample Kit is designed to provide an introduction to our custom built-up mica plate as designed for decorative purposes. We have assembled this package of fourteen 6” x 6” samples to illustrate the texture, colors and effects of different micas and resin combinations in thicknesses of .015" and .030".  This

decorative mica plates 

allows you to fully test the product and determine which of the options is perfect for your project.


Asheville Schoonmaker Mica Image
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Mica Wallpaper, Mica Counter and Mica Flooring

Mica Flake can be layered to existing materials to create a textured mica wallpaper, which when used in an elegant or casual space, gives off a rich luxurious look with its natural stone adorned texture and are effective for opening spaces.

Mica Flake is often used with epoxy in custom counter and table tops to add a glittery finish with a wide array of colors available for match home decor.

Mica Flake also is a commonly utilized additive for epoxy and Polyaspartic
flooring producing a beautiful glistening natural crystalline look, while being economical and providing virtually seamless traffic surface. It shares the look of natural granite flooring, along with great ability to hide surface imperfections

Stove Mica

Stove Mica (also known as Isinglass) was one of the many Mica uses in the 1800’s when Asheville Mica Company was formed as a mining and manufacturing operation in Asheville, NC.

Wood stoves, furnaces and other high heat devices often have a Mica viewing panel made of clear Muscovite mica for which we offer excellent replacement panels.

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