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Mica Parts for Agriculture & Mining

    Mica is a crucial element for the electrical systems of the larger engines that power Rail, Transit, Marine and mining. It’s unique properties of high dielectric and high temperature strengths solve challenges that no other material can, all while being light, easily fabricated and relatively inexpensive.

     While most large engines in these fields are diesel, rather than employing gear and shaft trains to provide motive force, many diesels drive electric generators.  The output of these generators is then carried by large diameter wiring to electric motors located in the actual driving locations: wheels or caterpillar tracks on land or pods turning propellers at sea.  As these generators and electric motors create and use large amounts of amperage, they also run continuously for long periods and create high temperatures.  Mica parts for agriculture and mining play import roles in the generators as field and rotor insulation.  In the motors it also forms field and rotor insulation as well as end bells and segment insulators.  Both the heavy cables carrying the high amperage and the control circuits that regulate the flow use mica in various forms to provide a high dielectric material with substantial physical strength even at high temperatures that would melt most plastics. 

      When descending long grades, both locomotives and mining haul trucks create enormous braking loads.  Asheville Mica Company provides the mica tubes, washers and ceramic cores and standoffs to construct energy dissipating resistor banks. The electrical energy generated by the motors in the locomotives and trucks as they descend grades is sent to these resistor banks where the electrical energy is turned into heat and dissipated to the atmosphere.  This greatly reduces the load on the friction brakes and safely allows heavier cargo loading on steep grades.

We supply many of the crucial parts and repair kits for the engines and motors that drive the industry, including being a stocking dealer for Sahney India's Traction Motor rebuild kits for EMD D-78 traction motors,  as well as many others. Please contact us to discuss your mica commutator sheet needs.





Use Cases

  • Commutators, Starters, and Generators
  • Ceramic Winding Cores in Load Banks
  • Resistors and Ceramics Stand-Offs
  • Mica, Plastic and Ceramic Washers and Tubes
  • Mica Gaskets
  • Mica, Ceramic and Plastic Spacers
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