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Aerospace & Military Mica Insulating Parts

Asheville Mica Company's involvement with aerospace and military mica insulating parts goes back a hundred years to the First World War when an affiliated company, Aero Spark Plug, was providing Mica based spark plugs for fighter planes.

As the Second World War started Mica was a crucial component in Radar systems in its use in tubes, diodes and for gaskets in waveguides. Mica was so important that as the war progressed it was bought and stored by the government to ensure supply as a critical war material of limited supply.  Silvered mica is still being employed in radar systems today. 

In addition to Mica,  we also supply a wide range of parts to spec out of Kapton, Plastic, Nomex, Alumina Ceramic or Corderite along with many others.

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More About Mica

Mica's high physical strength and very high heat tolerance has made it invaluable for use in gaskets in today's high pressure and high temperature aviation engines.  Its high dielectric and heat tolerance also have called it into play as separators in storage units for the new high energy Lithium Ion batteries in today's planes.     

Mica is employed in a number of classified uses in high explosive delivery systems and the batteries that enable them.

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