Asheville-Schoonmaker Mica Company

ASHEVILLE-SCHOONMAKER MICA CO. is a worldwide supplier of natural mica and mica plate products. We carry the largest inventory of mica paper plate and natural mica products in North America.

Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality of service and on-time delivery of superior mica products at competitive pricing.

We have an exciting line of decorative mica sheets and proud to say they are made in the USA. These sheets are of artisan quality and the most preferred in the market by mica shade and furniture manufacturers.

Asheville Mica Company was established in 1899 in Asheville, NC. In the mid-1940’s Asheville Mica combined with A.O. Schoonmaker, a New York importer and manufacturer of natural mica, and Mica Company of Canada, a manufacturer of mica plate products. The combined companies relocated to the present Newport News, VA location as Asheville-Schoonmaker Mica Co.

Our products are used in a wide variety of industries such as small appliances, strip heaters, tubular heaters, high voltage transformers, traction and D.C. motors, grid resistors, thermal batteries and electronics. In short, wherever there is a requirement for high dielectric and/or high thermal resistance, Asheville Mica can help.

Contact us for your complete source of mica sheet stock, mica tubes and mica washers and other fabricated parts from mica based materials.

In addition to our mica products, we work with customers to supply other electrical insulation materials such as ceramics, high pressure laminates, Kapton ™, Nomex™, Teflon™ and other non-mica fabricated items.