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Transistor shields

For electrical and thermal insulation in the mounting diodes or transistors to heat sinks. We carry many patterns and shapes and the whole MOT catalog for mica insulators.

Mica Washers and Built-up Natural Mica Washers

We supply natural mica washers punched to a thickness up to .015”. For natural mica beyond the thicknesses of block mica, washers are punched, built-up and edge bonded. Used for terminal insulation and other areas where an inexpensive thermal or electrical barrier is required.

Natural Mica Washers Built-up natural mica washers
**Other shapes and sizes of natural mica can be fabricated to your print or specification.**

Corrugated Natural Mica

For those applications where flexibility and the thermal characteristics of natural mica are required we offer corrugated mica. Useful for insulating soldering iron cores.

Phlogopite Natural Mica

Where applications call for vey high temperature resistance Phlogopite, commonly referred to as “Amber”, is a good choice. Able to withstand temperatures up to and beyond 1200°F.


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